Computer Controlled Three Dimensions (31) Physics

Water and Waste Water Analysis :

We help you meet your critical water testing requirements with quality instruments for all water parameters.

Water Analysis Equipments :
  • Hach Spectrophotometers & Reagents
  • Ion Chromatograph
  • pH /Conductivity / Salinity meter
  • DO meters
  • Colorimeters
  • Laboratory Photometers
  • BOD Apparatus
  • BOD Refrigerators
  • BOD reactors
  • BOD bottles
  • Soxhlet Apparatus
Water and Waste Water Testing Equipment suppliers in UAE
Autoclaves Homogenisers
Automated Analysers Hotplates
Automated Ashing Analyser Ice makers
Balances Incubators
Burners Magnifiers
BOD, COD Apparatus Mantles for Heating
Centrifuges Melting Point Apparatus
Chloride Meter Micro plate Readers
Chromatography Microscopes
Colony counters Ovens
Colorimeters pH Meters
Conductivity Meters Pipettes
Cryogenics Equipment Refractometers
Cryometer Refrigeration
Data-loggers Retort Stands & Jacks
Density Meters Rotary Evaporators
Desiccators Shakers
Digestion apparatus Sieves
Dispensing Spectrophotometers
Dissolved oxygen meters Sterilisers
Dry Blocks and Baths Stirrers and Stirrer Hotplates
Electronic burettes Stomachers
Electrophoresis Test Chambers
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Thermal cyclers
Visible Spectrophotometer Thermometers
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Timers and Stopwatches
Single/ Split Beam Spectrophotometer Titrators
Double Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Turbidity Meters
Flame Photometers Ultrasonic baths
Fluor meters UV lamps and cabinets
Fume Cabinets Viscometry
Grinding Mills Water Baths
Furnaces Water Purification
Glass Washers Water Stills

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