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Petroleum Testing Equipments:

We represent, M/s. Koehler Instruments Inc, USA, exclusive distributor for UAE for their entire range of products. Koehler provides quality testing instrumentation for research and testing laboratories since 1925. Koehler is the leading producer and supplier of petroleum, fuel, grease and lubricate testing equipments as per the ASTM, IP, ISO and related international specifications world wide

We provide complete comprehensive solutions for Petroleum Testing Equipments/Petroleum Laboratory Equipments, which conforms to latest ASTM & IP Standards and related specifications. We have many satisfied customers in Lube oil Industry in UAE & OMAN. All the products are supplied and supported by our staff of technically knowledgeable, trained at manufacturer’s facility.

Lubricating Oil
  • Viscosity measurements according to ASTM D445, D2170, D88
  • Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating Oils ASTM D892, D6082
  • Water Separability of Petroleum Oils ASTM D1401
  • Demulsibility of Characteristics of Lubricating Oils ASTM D2711
  • Air Release ASTM D3427
  • Oxidation Stability of lube Oil by Rotating Bomb Method ASTM D2272, D2112
  • Oxidation Stability of Gasoline ASTM D4742 (TFOUT)
  • Oxidation Characteristics ASTM D943 & D2274.
  • Oxidation Stability ASTM D2893, D2440, IP180, ASTM D5704
  • Rust Preventing Characteristics ASTM D665.
  • Pour Point & Cloud Point (ASTM D97 & D 2500)
  • Dielectric Breakdown Voltage of Insulating Oils (BDV) ASTM D877, D1816
  • NOACK Test ASTM D5800
Laboratory Equipment Suppliers in UAE
Grease Testing Equipment’s:
  • Mechanical Grease Worker ASTM D217
  • Dropping Point Apparatus ASTM D665, D566
  • Oxidation Stability of Lubricating Grease ASTM D942.
  • Roll Stability of Lubricating Grease ASTM D1831
  • Four Ball Wear and EP ASTM D2266, D2596
BITUMEN Testing Equipment’s
  • Ductility ASTM D113
  • Softening Point Apparatus ASTM D36 (Ring and Ball Apparatus)
  • ASTM Glass Wares, ASTM Thermometers & Certified Reference Standards
Fuel Testing Equipments
  • Pensky Martens Open Cup Flash Tester, ASTM D93
  • Flash & Fire Points by Cleveland Flash Tester according to ASTM D92
  • Abel & Tag Closed Tester according to ASTM D56 & IP170
  • High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR) ASTM D6079; ISO 12156
  • Oxidation Stability of Gasoline ASTM D525, Aviation Fuels ASTM D873
  • Existent Gum in Fuels by Jet Evaporation (Air / Steam Pressure
  • Copper Strip Corrosion by Liquefied Petroleum Gases ASTM D1838
  • Copper Corrosion of Petroleum Products ASTM D130
  • Reid Vapor Pressure of Petroleum Products ASTM D323 & LPG ASTM D1267
  • Smoke Point of Aviation Fuels ASTM D1322.
  • Freezing Point of Aviation Fuels ASTM D2386
  • Cold Filter Plugging Point of Distillate Fuels (CFPP) ASTM D6371
  • The CFR Digital Octane Panel ASTM D2699-10 & D2700-10
  • Density and Relative Density ASTM D1657.
  • Fluorescent Indicator Absorption (FIA) ASTM D1319
  • Volatility of Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gases ASTM D105
  • Filterability of Diesel Fuels (LTFT) by ASTM D4539
  • H2S Analyzer KECO
  • Four Ball Wear Tester ASTM D2266, D2596
  • TIMKEN Tester ASTM D2509, D2782
  • Shear Stability ASTM D6278
  • High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR)
  • Oil Separation from Lubricating Grease ASTM D6184, IP121 & D1742
  • BOCLE ASTM D5001