Computer Controlled Three Dimensions (31) Physics
Computer Controlled Three Dimensions (3D) Physics
The Computer Controlled Three Dimensional (3D) Physics, “EFAC”, from EDIBON, allows to do practical exercises in the different fields of physics (electricity, magnetic fields, mechanics, acoustics, optics and thermodynamics).The “EFAC” is an open…
Electric Fields Study Set
The Electric Fields Study Set, “FCE”, allows the spatial study of the electric field in all its dimensions: calculation of the intensity, force lines, equipotential surfaces in both static and dynamic fields, giving the student a more extensive…
Magnetic Field Study Set
The Magnetic Field Study Set, “FCM”, allows the spatial study of the magnetic field in all its dimensions (calculation of magnetic field strength, lines of force, vector potential and equipotential lines both in static and dynamic fields). For…
Mechanics Study Set
The Mechanics Study Set, “FM”, allows us to study movements that normally, would take hours and hours of calculations in a fast and simple way in the mechanical area, besides corroborating the theoretical results of other simpler ones. For this… View Unit
Acoustics Study Set
The Set for the Study of Acoustics, “FAC” designed by EDIBON allows to perform all kinds of experiments related to acoustic waves (propagation, interferences, wave fronts, etc.).The most complete way to carry out the observation would be to fill… View Unit
Optics Study Set
The Optics Study Set, “FOP”, designed by EDIBON, has as its objective the study and understanding of simpler optical phenomena on which other much more complex phenomena are based. In this case, focusing on reflection, refraction, transmission,… View Unit
Thermodynamics Study Set
The Set for the Study of Thermodynamics, “FTT”, allows the study of thermodynamics by means of the temperature difference between two sources.Thermodynamics represents the study of temperature, heat and energy exchange. It has practical… View Unit View Unit