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PEAK Scientific, UK is the world leader in the manufacture & support of laboratory grade
gas generators, providing highly reliable and robust solutions , performance
nitrogen and hydrogen gas generator systems for LC M- S , CG , GC M- S and other
applications used in laboratories around the world

Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Air Generator Solutions

Nitrogen gas generators.

High purity nitrogen generators supporting your
analytical instruments.

With nitrogen generators available in flow rates from
as little as 10 L/min, for ELSD and Compact Mass
Spectrometers, up to our whole-of-lab i-Flow N2
generators producing over 3000 L/min of high purity
(95% to 99.9995%) nitrogen
solutions for combustion monitoring and environmental compliance.

Peak Gas Generators

Hydrogen gas generators.

The safer and convenient alternative to helium for
GC carrier gas

For GC carrier gas, PEAK Scientific’s Precision
Hydrogen Trace gas generators deliver up to
99.99999%* hydrogen on demand and provide a
safer, convenient and reliable alternative to helium
solutions for combustion monitoring and environmental compliance.

Peak Gas Generators

Zero air generators :

PEAK’s zero air generators will produce up to 30 lpm
supply for your analysis.

PEAK have a full range of air solutions including zero
air generators, ultra zero air generators, and
calibration gas (CO2 free air) generators for use with
applications such as GC, TOC and CO2 analysis. We
can also provide Precision air compressors for use with
Precision nitrogen and zero air gas generators.

The Lancom 4, Portable Multigas Analyzer, range lets you take AMETEK Land’s cutting-edge, easy-touse gas analysis on the move. With up to nine gas measurements on a single analyser, there are
solutions for combustion monitoring and environmental compliance.

Peak Gas Generators

Lancom 4 – Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

Lancom 4 delivers the complete solution for portable
flue gas analysis, integrated into a compact batterypowered unit able to measure up to eight gases
simultaneously with nine separate sensors.

Simple to set-up and easy to operate, Lancom 4
enables highly accurate spot and semi-continuous gas
testing adaptable to a wide variety of applications –
ensuring your plant maintains full compliance with
safety and emissions requirements.

Customizable to specific gas measurements and
process stream conditions, a resilient stainless steel
probe extracts the gas sample while advanced realtime processing techniques produce the highly
accurate combustion and emissions calculations you

Easy to service and maintain, Lancom 4 is the ideal
choice for industries burning coal, natural gas, oil or
biomass, including applications in Glass, Power
Generation, Hydrocarbon Processing, Natural Gas
Compressor Stations , Minerals and Industrial Boilers.

Peak Gas Generators
Choose from our range of laboratory chemicals, buffers and standards & CRMs
  • General Laboratory Chemicals
  • Standards for AAS, ICP etc
  • Non Aqueous Titrants
  • Ph Buffers
  • Standards for Turbidity
  • Ion Selective Electrode Solutions (ISE’s)
Certified Reference Materials (CRM)
  • Secondary Flash Point Reference standards
  • Color Standards
  • Total Acid number Standards
  • Density Standards
  • Total Base Number Standards
  • Viscosity Standards
  • Refractive Index Standards

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