Computer Controlled Three Dimensions (31) Physics
Basic Electronics and Electricity Laboratory
We present a flexible and modular-based system for learning basic electronics, basic electricity and circuit theory. The advantage given by this learning and teaching system is that the student establishes his own rhythm, thus rendering…
Power Supply
Using this power supply, training and practices can be done conventionally. This is the most common power supply used with our modules. View Unit
Base Unit, with built-in power supply
This unit is self-complete, it includes hardware, power supply and the necessary connections for supplying power and allocating the available modules.
EDIBON Data Acquisition System and Virtual Instrumentation
The EDIBON Data Acquisition System and Virtual Instrumentation, “EDAS/VIS”, designed by EDIBON, is an acquisition and control system suitable for EDIBON electronics and communications units that do not have supervision, control and data… View Unit
EDIBON Data Acquisition System / Virtual Instrumentation System with WI-FI communication
The EDAS/VIS-WF system performs all the functions required to visualize the signals connected to the unit: acquisition, conditioning, processing and visualization in the virtual instruments.The EDAS/VIS-WF trainer offers the possibility of a…