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Automatic Microscale Vapor Pressure Analyzer

Koehler Instrument Company, Inc. (USA) is pleased to announce our newly redesigned K24870 Automatic Microscale Vapor Pressure Analyzer. This analyzer is the pinnacle of next-generation technology paired with the time-tested quality Koehler customers have come to expect. This convenient instrument determines the vapor pressure exerted in a vacuum by air-containing volatile, liquid petroleum products. Microscale Vapor Pressure Analyzers are laboratory staples, and the design of this Automatic MVP Analyzer has as its foundation the Triple-expansion principle.

Mini Vapor Pressure Analyzer

Key features include the ability to view corresponding results appearing on the screen of the Fully-automatic MVP Analyzer, upon completion of the measuring method selected. A small sample size of 1 mL is required with 2.5 mL of sample needed for each rinse to avoid contamination (3x rinse per cycle). In addition, this device offers USB and Network connections such as an RS232 interface for connection to a Thermal Printer, as well as a USB interface for connection with a mouse or storage device and an Internet (Ethernet) Line.

Software capabilities include the following: Standard test methods that are preprogrammed, user-defined test programs can also be created for maximum customizability. The Automatic MVP Analyzer also offers the ability to measure multiple temperature points in gradients as low as 0.1°C and up to 100 points plus built-in storage of up to 1,000 test results. These components all function to give the user an efficient and versatile experience with ease and precision utilizing cutting-edge technology.

The Koehler Automatic Microscale Vapor Pressure Analyzer conforms to ASTM D5191 and D6378 and has a superb correlation to ASTM D323, D4953; EN 13016-1; IP394; JIS K2258-2; SH/T 0794; SH/T 0769; GB 8017; SN/T 2932.

This test method is compatible with testing samples that have boiling points greater than 0 °C (32°F) which exert a vapor pressure in the range of 7kPa to 130 kPa (1.0 psi and 18.6 psi) at 37.8°C (100°F) at a vapor-to-liquid ratio of 4:1. The liquid sample volume size required for analysis is contingent upon the vapor-to-liquid ratio selected and the measuring chamber volume capacity of the instrument.