Computer Controlled Three Dimensions (31) Physics

Four Ball Wear and EP

Test Method

A ball of specified diameter (12.7 mm) rotates at a particular velocity comes in contact with three similar stationary steel balls immersed in the lubricant. As per ASTM standards, the upper ball is rotated up to 2000 RPM and the lubricant can be heated up to 200°C. An axial force up to 1000 kg is applied through servo pneumatic close loop loading mechanisms. Friction force between the rotating ball and the three stationary balls is measured through a digital load cell mounted in precise location for better resolution, and all the process variables like lubricant temperature, normal load, frictional force, coefficient of friction, and rpm are measured and acquired through online data acquisition software through an integrated PC.

Four Ball Wear and EP

Four Ball Wear and EP Tester
The K93170 Four Ball Wear and EP Tester is designed as per ASTM standards to conduct tests to determine the coefficient of friction of lubricants, wear preventative (WP) and extreme pressure (EP) property of lubricating oils under a variety of test conditions. This instrument can also be used to determine load carrying properties by the load wear index and the weld point method.
The test load is directly controlled through a software based close loop servo pneumatic drive, which enables precise control over the load application. The user can choose between different loading sequences, such as constant load test, progressive loading in increment or decrement, and also step wise loading in increment or decrement. This dynamic load control system with speed control can also be used for understanding the Stribeck curve phenomena, which is not possible with the conventional dead weight loading technique.

Features and Specifications
• Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D2266, D4172, D5183, D2596, D2783; CEC L-45-A-99; IP 239, IP 300; DIN 51350-1, DIN 51350-2, DIN 51350-4, DIN 51350-6
• Integrated 15 inch multi-touch control panel.
• Predefined standard test protocol and user defined test customization options.
• Accurate speed control through AC servo motor.
• Built-in pneumatic moisture control unit.
• Integrated pneumatic loading system up to 1000 kg (optional low range from 0 to 50 kg ±0.2 kg)
• Dynamic load control system – Constant load test, incremental/decremental loading, step wise loading.
• Integrated temperature control module.
• Safety for speed, temperature, load, friction force.
• USB 3.0 port for data transfer.
• Dimensions: LxWxH: 24.6x20x35.4” (62.5x50x90 cm)

Included Accessories
Steel Balls 12.7mm, set of 200
12.77mm Ball Collets, set of 2
Ball Port assembly with Heater, set of 2
Ball Inserter/Extractor Fixture
Torque Wrench, Set of Hand Tools
Connecting Cables
Data Acquisition Card and Software
Operating and Maintenance Manual
Calibration and Test Reports of Sensor